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1. Send your wards to school daily in time, Late Commers are bound to get back home.

2. Check the uniform and punctuality of your ward in the morning.

3. See that your ward carries diary books and exercise books according to the timetable for that day. No extra books are allowed. (as per Govt. Rule)

4. School uniform is compulsory for all students.

5. Encourage your ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports.

6. Teach them to be bold and help them to overcome their inhibitions and phobias, if any.

7. Always try to quench their thirst for enquiry. If you can't, Don't mislead them by wrong answers.

8. Please encourage them on their success, however trivial it is. They will prove themselves good citizens in future.

9. Spare some time daily to talk with them and take school report.

10. Please contact the school as soon as possible in case you get an information or a call about your wards therefrom.

11. Always send them to school in neat and clean uniform as specified.

12. The parents must ensure that the child is going to morning toilet in routine before coming to school.

13. The books must be covered, name should be written clearly on the cover and the first page of book.

14. Kindly check your wards' diary daily, help them to complete their home work given by school Teachers.

15. Must paste photograph and your signature on diary. For your suggestions and complaints, use diary.

16. Parents are not allowed to visit the class & meet the Childern/teachers direct. Please contact the principal for any complaint/suggestions from 10 AM to 12 Noon second Saturday & in emergency at any time in school working hours.

17. your child can take leave only in case of an emergency, an urgent piece of work or sickness.

18. If need to see or consult a teacher, kindly visit the school by prior appointment, and not as per your convenience.

19. Send your childern with some nutritious refreshment/lunch for interval. Kindly send a napkin along with lunch box daily.

20. Please put your wards' name, classe and section all their belongings.

21. Never send wards to school along with costly items such as Watch, Gold ring, Mobile, Chain & Cash etc.

22. Any change in your home address & Mobile No. should be notified to school immediately.

23. Remember to pay your wards' fee/dues regularly before upto 10th of each month. A fine will be charged for dues paid after the said date. Your wards' name will be struck off the roll in case the dues remaining unpaid by the months' last working day.

24. Do not forget to send an application for your ward proceeding on leave. The application must be signd by the guardians/Parents.

25. Student are not permitted to get back home during school hours. In case of any emergency, only a parent can come personally and take his/her child along on seeking Principal's permission in written.

26. On continuous absence without leave for six working days for boys & Ten for girls student name is struck off from the school record without any notice.

27. Library books have got to be returned in time for further circulation. Fine per day of late return of a Library book is Rs. 5.

28. A teacher should never be criticized in the presence of the students by Gardians/Parents.

29. A student suffering from contagious or infectious disease should not be sent to school till he/she fully recovers from it. It is on getting certificate of fitness from the doctor that he/she can start attending classes again.

30. Progress Report of the student should be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the school within three days of its receipt.

31. Apart from school listed holidays, the school is bound to close for holidays declared by the State Govt. from time to time. Children should not be sent to school on such declared holidays.

32. The school cannot be held responsible for any accidental or inadvertent or injury to any student only First aid will be given.

33. The Principal reserves the right to remove or expell any student from the school creating Indiscipline and whose bad conducts is an unhealthy precedent for others.

Note :-
A child's all-round-develpment and progress depend on the concerted effort of the school teachers and the parents. We need your worth co-operation in our endeavour for better performance. The more your child wants more & more attention from us all, it is the key to success. Thanks a lot !