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Nav Pargati Sen. Sec. School.

Sumit Bharti
Managing Director, M.Sc., B.ed.

I am your Sumit Bharti at the auspicious occasion of this silver jubilee of the completion of 25 years of school establishment.

In the experience of life, I have learned that when we work together with our discretion in the right direction for a task, its results get very good, hard work never gets useless, late fruit gets its fruit, Just have to be patient. We can do the rounds of struggle in our lives.

Finding three pines deep water penetration
I am afraid of Bapura Bowden sitting on the shore ..

In this statement of Kabir Ji, how much truth is still, by placing a dip in deep water, those who tried to find pearls found them (God / goal).

Those who are scared of the fear of frying feet, the danger of drowning in the ocean is also for those who take a deep dip, they fill the issues of pearls in the depths of the sea. Big deeds are not successful with big power, they are successful. Success comes from self-confidence, hard work and loyalty to work and the importance has to be abandoned. I have noticed that today the absence of tele-culture, film obscenity, addiction and ideal leadership is taking the youth to path towards corruption, character decline and thoughts towards emptiness, today the youths are getting away from Indian culture. In the absence of rituals, the minds of the youth have become so energetic in the brain that the result of the news paper is becoming a headline. It has always been my endeavor to make the cultures of the children and their inherent powers and their ideas by providing a platform with cultural values.

India is going to become a digital India. Today is the era of the computer, the whole system is gradually becoming the air. School education is also being computerized. I am trying to develop the Computer and Computer Skilled Education for the children and my goal is to convert the school into complete AC, Foolish Smart Room and Smart Cases. You can read and go ahead, my great blessings.

If you have broken, then you cannot remember the crown of hard work.
Finding the darkness in the dark also, because the firefly never gets attracted to the light.