Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time. | Give children toys that are powered by their imagination, not by batteries. | An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
Nav Pargati Sen. Sec. School.

    • NPS stands out because of its Proper use of Modren Infrastructure with Latest Technology to make Education interesting & effective. It Provides facilities that contribute to wholesome growth of its students.
    • NPS as the name suggest is an effort for the well being of all especially children without any considration of Caste, creed & Colour. Our Motto is stop not till the Goal is achieved.
    • NPS is not merely a name tag. It proves itself its name Nav Pargati Mean - Neotric Progress of the student (NPS)
    • NPS Regards education as a process by which a child is moulded into on emotionally balanced.
    • NPS it stand for :- An Educational institution which is running where every child is loved and cared for Physically healthy, intellectually objective and spirtually conscious individual who can fruitfully and happily live in The society with others.
    • NPS Where every child grows without any fear of favour.
    • NPS Where teachers are more like Role Models/guides/friends rather than Trainer and Tutor or Instructors.
    • NPS Where expectations of Parents are respected & Their opinions received with ever open mind.

Its Journey

NPS has built a Fair Name and become worthy of Trust. During the Past 26 year of its journey, Its journey so far has been really satisfying, It has a long journey ahead, It has miles and miles to go. Now school stands with brilliant Academic record.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide qualitative all round education for the development of the personality of children placed under our care. We want to create sense of manners and etiquates, patriotism, a spirit of selfless service & social commitment and to impart the ritual & moral education in our boys and girls so they may be a good and worthy citizens. To make all round progress and to achieve our aim various compititions/Activities are done in the school complex.

What Our Achieves

NPS is not merely a name tag. It proves itself its name Nav Pargati Mean - Neotric Progress of the student (NPS)

120+ K

Students Enrolled


Satisfied Parents


Award Achieve

Our Professional Staff